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txt to Li [18 Jan 2018|03:25am]


>> I know it's late
>> And that I'm not home
>> But I have a very good excuse.

[18 Jan 2018|01:43am]


5B )

Application for [info]fiveboroughsmod [18 Jan 2018|12:23am]


Bo Dennis )

Application for [info]fiveboroughsmod [17 Jan 2018|11:42pm]


Aria T'Loak )

[17 Jan 2018|11:28pm]


Who: Finn and Rey
What: Snowball fights and dog walking and impromptu singing
When: December
Where: Near Finn's place
Rating: Pg
Status: Complete

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go )

Texts to Tony [17 Jan 2018|10:06pm]


>>I was wondering if perhaps this Friday you might be free

[17 Jan 2018|02:45pm]


I'm discovering I don't handle break ups well.

[17 Jan 2018|12:20pm]


Just when I thought this state could not get stranger: now the rural portions of California wish to declare independence from it's Urban half and be known as New California.

[16 Jan 2018|11:35pm]


Who: Mary Crawley and Tony Stark
What: Drinks
When: Jan 16
Where: A bar in Newport
Rating/Warnings: TBD
Status: Ongoing

Back here )

[16 Jan 2018|06:13pm]


Who: Dan and Liv
What: Liv learns what Dan really does
When: Recent
Where: Beach picnic
Rating/Warnings: Fairly low. Talk of murder.
Status: Complete!

And just like that, Dan Smith -- The Hellion -- was retired. )

[16 Jan 2018|07:21pm]


It's kind of eerie how these dreams are paralleling my real life, right down to my divorce. Was that necessary? Now I can have failed in both my dream life and my real life.

I've met Jim finally though. In case you were wondering if he's as much of an ass in my dreams as he is in real life, he definitely is. Ask him about the Kobayashi Maru test.

[16 Jan 2018|06:32pm]


It's only a murder of crows if there's probable caws.

[16 Jan 2018|04:46pm]


WHO: Rogue and Allanon
WHAT: Date night
WHEN: Recently
WHY?: Because these two like each other
WARNINGS: handwaved sexytimes, and the actions and words of two people heavily in like and lust with one another
STATUS: Closed and Complete
Rogue and Allanon, things just kept on getting better )

[16 Jan 2018|03:30pm]


It would seem that I need to make room for a new couch in my home. Not necessarily new, but it is my couch from my dreams. One less thing for Petrovsky to defile with his greedy little hands.

[16 Jan 2018|12:57pm]


Who: Klaus & Rose
What: Catching up
When: Tuesday
Where: Baxter’s
Rating: Low
Status: Complete!

You live! )

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