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Text to Thor [25 Sep 2018|05:48am]



>> And what do we do around here for fun?
>> Aside from the beach.

[25 Sep 2018|12:56am]


Does anyone here have any wood carving abilities? My Sawhorse broke one of his ears and that seems to be one talent that didn’t cross over from my dreams. In the dreams Tip, or I or God is that ever going to stop being so confusing? - In the dreams I can carve the body for a pumpkin headed man and replace the Sawhorses ears no problem. Here though? I almost sliced my palm open last night cutting a tomato.

[24 Sep 2018|09:37pm]


Who: Klaus and Katou
What: Second meeting goes about as well as the first
When: Early September
Where: Random alley behind a bar
Rating/Warnings: Klaus is snacking on someone, so there's that
Status: Complete

Geez, what’d she ever do to you? )

[25 Sep 2018|12:31am]


Text to Will Solace )

[24 Sep 2018|08:58pm]


[Text Messages to Team JNPR] )

[24 Sep 2018|08:32pm]


Who: Marguerite and Percy, plus NPC!Ex-boyfriend
What: Filling Percy in on things
When: 24 September, late afternoon
Where: Beach
Warnings: References to violence, stalking
Status: Log | Complete

-I- don’t control what men do or do not. If they think they can act out in rash ways in order to possess me, that’s on them. Not me. )

[24 Sep 2018|11:22pm]


I never knew it was possible to be banned from parent teacher conferences, but I have been. Apparently the girls teacher didn’t appreciate being called an idiotic twat for failing Madison on a spelling test just because she had capitalized the first letter of each word. Well, that and telling me she didn’t understand why I was so upset that she’d mixed the girls names up since ‘they’re identical’.

First off - I’m upset because you don’t seem to understand that, while they are identical twins, they are separate individuals with distinct personalities. Which anyone with half a brain would see if they paid attention for five damn minutes while in the room with them. And you, their teacher, are trying to behave and treat them as if they’re interchangeable. Secondly - you made my daughter feel like she was stupid over some arbitrary spelling rule that you yourself admitted not having told the kids beforehand. And the final reason I’m upset with? As an educator the teacher didn’t see any problem with either of those two things. So yes I called her an idiotic twat, and I don’t regret it and absolutely would again.

I guess it’s a good thing my fiance can go to these meetings for them. Although I do hope their teacher isn’t expecting him to go any easier on her than I did if he doesn’t like how she’s treating our girls.

There’s probably no way that we can have them moved to a different class, is there? Or is this where you’re going to tell me it’s early in the year and I should give it some more time to see if it gets any better?

[24 Sep 2018|09:06pm]


And here I thought babysitting my sisters kid was a royal pain in the ass. At least I'm never stuck with that one for more than a couple of hours at a time. Probably because her husband still hates my guts.

I really hope that wasn't tied to no ones dreams, because if it was, dude, I feel sorry for you.

[24 Sep 2018|09:04pm]


[Backdated to September 18th because I'm a slacker]

Texts to Michael )

[24 Sep 2018|10:30pm]


So I watched the new season of Halloween Baking Championship premiere tonight, and other than really really not liking the dude who was talking about his pet cockroaches, the only complaint was just the first challenge having so many bugs in it. I don't think I'm going to be making any sweets for a while.

[24 Sep 2018|08:20pm]


Who: Katou and Finn
What: Playing in the snow
When: Backdated to when Elsa made it snow (July 12)
Where: A park
Rating/Warning: Low/None
Status: Complete

What, like snow in July is supposed to be weird or something? )

[24 Sep 2018|08:19pm]


Completed text conversation between Veronica and Leon, backdated to Sept 18th )

[24 Sep 2018|05:35pm]


Who: Ren and T'Challa
What: Ren shows T'Challa some moves
When: During the summer
Where: UCI Campus
Warning/Rating: Low/none
Status: Complete

Nice form. )

[24 Sep 2018|03:45pm]


I found this thing in a stream today.

I think I'll call him Wrex.

[24 Sep 2018|02:47pm]


I bored. Anyone wanna entertain me?

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