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[20 Mar 2018|04:52pm]


This one happened to me a while ago but I didn’t want to say anything about it until I’d gotten all of the fallout dealt with as much as I could. Worst fucking Valentines Day wakeup ever So I died in the dreams. No big shock there when you’re dreaming about a town full of and run by vampires right? It doesn’t end there though.

Somehow my house in the Dreams saved my soul? Not sure how that works but all I know is I came back that night as a ghost. Not a see through one - real physical body, which would be awesome if it weren’t for the fact that if I try to step out my front door, I feel myself getting pulled to someplace else. So I’m trapped in the house and have to relive my death at sunrise. The pain of it at least.

And it crossed over to here. The ghost part and not being able to leave my house. Which means until something happens - I can’t perform. The guys are loving the extra downtime and all but I’m not used to just staying all the time. I’d probably go nuts if it weren’t for Kat

[20 Mar 2018|04:48pm]


I don’t know how but I think that bitch Julia had something to do with Quentin ending up in a coma I guess I really should be more careful about the spells I use since there’s at least one that can put someone in an unbreakable coma, if what the Dean said is right about it being caused by magic. It took some work, and some kind of bug I think, to bring him out of it but it happened.

[20 Mar 2018|06:59pm]


Who: Izzy and Simon
When: Backdated to Valentine’s Day
Where: Institute
What: A meal and a question
Rating/Warnings: Low/None
Status: Completed gdoc

~*~*~*~*~* )

[19 Mar 2018|10:02pm]


Who: Xena & Gabrielle
What: Gabrielle gets stabbed.
When: Today. March 19.
Where: A sidewalk.
Rating/Warnings: Low. But Gabrielle does get stabbed, so fair warning for that.
Status: Complete!

It had been a perfectly average Monday up to this point. )

[19 Mar 2018|06:44pm]


What the hell? It's snowing out! It's actually snowing!!

...why is it snowing?

[19 Mar 2018|09:40pm]


Orange County gets a little snow flurry this evening. Nothing sticks, but it does come down for twenty minutes in a fluffy flurry.

[19 Mar 2018|06:25pm]


You know, as a bartender I hear some pretty crazy things from people once they’ve had a few libations. Yesterday evening a guy insisted that Daylight Savings Time was a government conspiracy designed to bolster Big Electric and as such he was going to refuse to observe it. He doesn’t believe in time zones either, apparently. Not entirely sure how that’s working out for him, but it was pretty funny to listen to.

[19 Mar 2018|08:08pm]


Yeah, I should have seen that coming. Guess some people are meant to die. Couldn't save her there, either. And this time, I take the blame while the Empress's killers are free and Emily is in danger.

Great timing on getting fired too

Texts to Logan, Rose, and Yondu [19 Mar 2018|07:43pm]


These texts sent earlier in the morning.

>> Hey uh...
>> Do you have a couple of those thingies
>> The ones that make you not blue?

>> Guess who's completely white
>> No spots yet
>> But Jesus I'm whiter than an albino

>> Heeeeey can you cover the bar for me for a few nights?
>> I'll pay you extra
>> There's... dream stuff

Filtered away from Corvo [19 Mar 2018|06:45pm]


Last night was... not okay, and this morning was worse. I thought I was brave when I left my father's shadow to come here, and I thought I could have courage when I decided to switch genres. But I don't know if I have the bravery to handle what the dreams are showing me, or the things I'm facing now here in reality.

The Elizabeth in the dreams is so naive and impressionable, but what is she becoming? Who will I be when this is all over?

And then I had to fire the only person in my life I really trusted. Go ahead and write an article about that, Rita. We're waiting.

[19 Mar 2018|06:15pm]


Who: Weiss and Agent Wash
What: Wash rescues a damsel
When: 02/01, ‘The day of the embryos’
Where: Outside somewhere
Rating/Warnings: Uh… PG, pretty much.
Status: Complete.

I failed trying to stop this from happening, so now I need to make sure no one gets hurt. )

[19 Mar 2018|02:16pm]


I was told that this website is a good way to get to know people here, but so far all I see is a lot of oversharing about Dreams. Is this a California thing or something? There, I posted. Happy Logan?

[19 Mar 2018|04:36pm]


If the Dreams could not make my life awkward right before a major presentation in my psych class, that would be great. I could have lived without the experience of waking up next to Penny after a Dream of meeting some cute musician who had me completely tongue-tied. I’m just hoping that he was trying not to listen in on my thoughts this morning.

I didn’t have time to review my notes before class, so I went into the presentation barely prepared and having to constantly look down at my note cards because I just couldn’t quit feeling guilty get my head on straight.

[19 Mar 2018|10:17am]


Lesson learned: experimenting with powers you have in your head leads to giving yourself a migraine from hell that you try to drink into the ground then fuck up your mental organization and end up worse off than you started.

A few weeks later and I'm finally functional again. So glad the Cafe runs without my brain functional. I am so freaking worn out it's beyond ridiculous. That said, it made nothing better. I'm so over this untouchable bullshit.

Also, I think I'll be laying off experimenting for a while. That was terribly unpleasant.

Texts to Logan [18 Mar 2018|11:30pm]


>> Um, I have a question
>> If you have a moment

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