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[09 Dec 2018|05:20pm]


Who:Cisco and Noah
What: Things, maybe snowmen!? Random encounter.
When:Bendy/ now
Where:The city
Warnings: None so far, will update if needed!

Always have a plan C! )

[09 Dec 2018|11:59am]


Is it weird if I find all this craziness to be somewhat normal?

[08 Dec 2018|09:17am]


Well I ain't lookin' at Frosty the Snowman the same way again thanks to this nonsense.

[07 Dec 2018|11:08pm]


Well new one for me - I got told not to dictate by one of my students today after class. They offered to stay after to help clean up - which I don’t need since after my last class I do my personal training and then clean up - but they insisted and I...just wanted to get them out so decided to just let them help to get them out of there. When I asked them to take out one of the bags when they finished what they were doing they got pissed and told me not to dictate to them.

So is this some California thing that I’m not getting because I grew up in New York?

[Note to family - yes this includes you Simon]
Knowing I’ll probably be risking Aunt Maryse’s anger again, I’m missing Christmas with the family here. I’m going to see my parents in New York, introduce them to my boyfriend. Anybody want me to bring them anything? And you’re all getting your Christmas presents late so I can see you open them.

[07 Dec 2018|04:36pm]


Who: Stiles and Scott
Where: Stiles' House
When: Thursday 12/6
What: Dinner, dream talk, werewolf stuff
Rating: Low (for now. will change if necessary)
Status: Incomplete

Perfect timing. Dinner is done. )

[07 Dec 2018|03:21pm]


[07 Dec 2018|11:41am]


Texts to Caroline )

[07 Dec 2018|09:19am]


Texts to Tyler Lockwood )

[07 Dec 2018|02:41am]


So I grew up in an interfaith household an' we had the tree and the Menorah and the whole nine yards and I might have gotten a little excited this year oops
Cut for image )

[06 Dec 2018|10:39pm]


The snow creeps make the most satisfying sound when you kick their butts.

[06 Dec 2018|09:06pm]


It's starting to look like Christmas in my living room!

[06 Dec 2018|04:35pm]


Since I refuse to go outside and pretend the creepy snow things are out there..I've gotten stuff done. Like, putting up the Xmas tree and decorating it. Finished all of my school work. Played too many video games. And I've probably taken too many naps, which has brought on too many more of those crazy ass dreams that I can do without. At least I've learned something from one of them. Do not try to smash a window with just my hand wrapped up in a shirt. It doesn't work and it hurts a lot.

Txt to Minako [06 Dec 2018|06:14pm]


>> Could you at least wear tights?

[06 Dec 2018|12:33pm]


Who: Lydia and Loki
When: Backdated to last Sunday
Where: Beach
What: 2nd date?
Why: To make snowangels
Status: Ongoing
Ratings: TBD

Do you wanna build a snowman? )

[06 Dec 2018|10:59am]


Just about the only good thing about all this damn snow is that my balcony has turned into an extra large beer cooler.

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