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[23 Jun 2018|08:55pm]


At first I was just bored, but now I'm confused, bored, and dinosaurless. That's a thing I haven't thought since I was five. WTF.

txt to Weiss [23 Jun 2018|11:46pm]


>> Are you alone?
>> Or busy?

[23 Jun 2018|10:28pm]


Now I'm all for horror movies and stuff like that, but I wanna know who thought these Purge movies were a good idea.

[23 Jun 2018|09:39pm]


I never thought I’d be wishing for someone to have said that they had been in my room messing with my things while I was out. Here or in my dream life but that’s the position I’m in there. Somebody went in my room and messed with my stuff, turned my clock toward the wall, put my watch face down and while it’s totally stuff my best friend there would do, she swears she didn’t and I believe her for some reason that I can’t quite explain.

Catty wants to use her ability to time travel to take us back to the night before to find out who was following me, but I refuse because her ability scares me worse than mine does. I just know that she’s going to take us back in time once and we’ll get stuck there. But I really should have known in the dream that she was going to do it anyway. Turns out some of the footsteps I was so freaked out by in my last dream belonged to Catty and I from when she took us back and we were following whoever had been following me. We don’t get a clear view of who it is, but they sure see where we are judging by what they whispered - that they’d find me later when I was alone.

I actually thought I heard it when I woke up from the dream which freaked me out even more than the entire dream had.

[23 Jun 2018|09:27pm]


I’d almost forgotten how relaxing it was here at the estate in France. I don’t have to worry about Maman or breakfast. Or anything other than cleaning up after myself at night - which is easy enough to to remember because it keeps Haruhi from giving me that look.

[23 Jun 2018|08:32pm]


Well - finally found a place that isn’t a couch and got the last of my stuff in and unpacked. It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would - I’m not sure if that’s because I decided to get rid of a lot of the crap I got living in Louisiana or just because I didn’t have my mom and sister ‘helping’ me get settled in. By which I mean going behind me and undoing everything and redoing it how they want so that I have to go back and redo it again.

[23 Jun 2018|07:18pm]


You know what would be great? If I could quit getting little snippets from the dreams. If the next one would quit picking up right where the last one ended. Give me one bad night of sleep instead of three or four or however many times they’re going to force me to relive seeing my parents friends killing that girl.

At least this one showed our group trying to figure out what we need to do - even if Karolina is still trying to insist we must have just misinterpreted what we saw. Because there are so many ways to interpret your parents stabbing a girl right? By the time our parents finished their “meeting” we still hadn’t figured out what to do so we’re going to get together at the Griffith Observatory that night.

[23 Jun 2018|07:08pm]


Texts to Regulus Black )

[23 Jun 2018|06:57pm]


I was halfway through the first season of an anime today before I realized that I hadn’t switched it over to English language or turned on subtitles but I could still understand what the characters were saying. I guess I picked up more Japanese than I thought spending time with Mina and her parents.

[Logan Howlett]

The doctor says it could be any day now. I told Daddy to text you if I'm not able to before they knock me out for the delivery.

[23 Jun 2018|03:36pm]


Who: Jemma and Thor
What: Collecting all the Avengers Meeting
When: Recently (before the bar with Valkyrie)
Where: Cafe near the Agency
Warnings: Should be low
Status: Partner Thread | Complete

Like being awake, and in another world. A world that feels more like home than any place I’ve ever experienced )

[23 Jun 2018|06:17pm]


Waiting for my fiance to pop like

Cut for image )

[23 Jun 2018|06:02pm]


Who: Harley and Blake
What: Therapy session
When: Sometime after Ilia was rescue
Where: Harley's office
Status: complete
Rating: PG-13 for discussions of abuse and trauma

Hope is powerful, Blake. )

[23 Jun 2018|06:00pm]


Who: Kitty and Diana
What: Diana dreams of the fight below the harbor and Kitty has to be the positive one
When: Recently
Where: Diana's
Status: complete
Rating: PG-13

I think you can make anyone follow you. )

[23 Jun 2018|04:54pm]


Who: Thor and Valkyrie
What: Discovering that Thor's a god and Valkyrie's a....Valkyrie.
When: Recently
Where: A bar
Warnings: Low, save for some property destruction caused by Mjolnir making its entrance

Wait, how do you know that it’s a Valkyrie tattoo? )

[23 Jun 2018|12:32pm]


Who: Freya and Yang
What: Meeting
When: Recently
Where: The Magic Guild
Warnings: Low
Status: Partner Thread | Complete

Let’s get this thing locked away. Something tells me that omnipotent knowledge can be really, really abused. )

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